Ethernet-Based Automation of Modular Skids

Space-saving and easy to combine thanks to ethernet communication

Modular skids are designed to make production in the process industry more flexible. For this purpose, the process skids must be easily combinable in order to expand or relocate production capacities. This calls for standardized interfaces between the modules. Ethernet is the ideal communication interface here. Proprietary multicore connectors or other point-to-point solutions are far more complex to assemble and also less standardized. Furthermore, space on the process modules is also limited. 

Your Benefits

  • Space-saving through highest packing density 
  • Ethernet enables connection to other skids and control systems
  • Parallel data access for deeper process analysis and optimization
  • Global use thanks to multi-protocol Ethernet (Profinet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus-TCP)

  • Ethernet facilitates the data connection between the modules and higher-level control systems

  • excom with ethernet gateways can be installed up to zone 2

  • Hot-swap: All modules can be plugged and unplugged during operation even in hazardous areas

Space-saving through integrated ex-separation

The I/O system excom with ethernet gateway for mounting in zone 2 is therefore perfectly suited for signal connection of actuators and sensors to process modules. The system enables the connection of intrinsically safe devices up to zone 1 and 0. The ex-separation is already integrated in the system. Users thus save the space required for a separate isolating level. But even compared to similar systems, excom offers the highest packing density on the market. In the decentrally designed process skids, installation as an on-site I/O system is possible. The wiring paths between field device and I/O level are extremely short here. The individual systems can be easily connected to each other and to the control system via ethernet.

Parallel data access enables analysis

In addition to improved connectivity, the ethernet gateway offers the possibility of parallel data access. In this way, data from the field devices can be transmitted to outsourced IT systems in addition to the user data. Especially in new processes and agile production systems, this allows faster analysis with the support of the latest algorithms. The outsourced systems only have read access to the data. This prevents manipulation of the control system. Thanks to Turck multiprotocol, the ethernet gateway can be used in networks with Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus-TCP.

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