Inclinometer Accelerates Platform Alignment

Inclinometer with fusion technology improves the alignment of the platform in blow molding machines

Beatles or Stones? FC Barcelona or Real Madrid? Pasta or pizza? Why not have the best of both worlds? The developers of the B2NF inclinometer agreed, and fused the two measuring methods MEMS and Gyroscope for faster signals despite vibrations. Learn how the sensor improves platform alignment in blow molding machines in our application example.

Your Benefits

  • Faster process speeds thanks to dynamic sensor signal
  • Higher plant availability thanks to exclusion of platform tilting
  • Precise assembly without additional devices thanks to integrated LED spirit level 
  • Integrated status monitoring using IO-Link

  • The platforms of blow molding machines must be aligned precisely to ensure optimal product quality

  • The spindle drives are often subject to temperature drift. The B2NF prevents tilting of the platform

  • The LED spirit level supports reliable installation even before it is fully set up in the IO-Link master

In blow molding machines, the platforms on which the workpiece is blown must be raised or lowered during product changes. Spindle drives are usually used for this purpose. However, temperature drift can cause deviations in the stroke of the spindles. In this case, an inclinometer on the workpiece platform helps to guarantee horizontal alignment and thus avoid costly tilting of the platform.

Fusion technology enables inclination measurement with unrivaled dynamics

Unlike alternative inclinometers, the Turck B2NF can output a signal with high dynamics and precision despite vibrations and shocks. The sensor achieves this by fusion of two sensor signals: It combines a classic MEMS measuring cell with a gyroscope — a combination familiar from smartphones and drones. The result is more precise signals that are output faster. This is made possible by the absence of signal filters, usually at the expense of the dynamics. 

Higher travel speeds = higher cycle rates

So far, many machine builders have limited the travel speeds of the platforms due to the weak dynamics of the inclinometers. With the fusion inclinometer, use in fast control loops for dynamic platform leveling is now also possible. 

Fastest IO-Link interface

The sensor outputs its signal via IO-Link-COM3 – the latest and fastest version of the digital interface. Additional information on the operating hours of the sensor or its ambient temperature can also be output via IO-Link. This information helps to permanently monitor the machine status in terms of condition monitoring systems. 

LED spirit level for simplified installation

The inclinometers are often not yet fully set up in the IO-Link master when they are mounted. Previously, the sensor had to be mounted either using a spirit level, or its signal was later set to zero by the controller. The B2NF has a patented LED spirit level, which uses its flashing frequency to indicate the horizontal position of the sensor as soon as it is supplied with power. 

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