IP67 Power Supplies for Conveyors

High performance conveyor system uses Turck’s IP67 rated power supply that withstands high pressure washdowns and doesn’t require an enclosure

Manufacturers of the food and beverages we consume every day must adhere to stringent requirements in order to produce products that are safe for us to consume. There are many checks within the system, including frequent cleaning by high pressure washdowns to maintain sanitary conditions within the plant. Developing machinery that can withstand such cleaning is not an easy feat, considering that a lot of electronics are not designed to get wet or to function in high moisture environments.

    • ACC’s conveyor uses electrical equipment rather than mechanical

    • TURCK’s power supply is one-third the size of an enclosure

DCC Automation, a division of Dairy Conveyor Corporation, located in Brewster, New York, DCC has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing conveyor systems – for dairies, citrus products, juices and frozen foods – for over 50 years. The key to DCC’s success is a stainless steel conveyor system that is able to withstand the soapy, hot, high pressure washdowns called for in the food industry. DCC has improved on their stainless steel system by introducing a zero-pressure accumulation conveyor, coined Aqua-Zone. Zero-pressure accumulation is a method of accumulating product on the conveyor without the pressure of the products causing a pile-up on the system.

DCC designed the Aqua-Zone system by employing a series of washdown resistant electronic vision sensors with onboard logic that monitor and control independently driven accumulation zones, and then deliver (or remove) drive force from specific accumulation zones depending upon product flow conditions.

In order for DCC to introduce the Aqua-Zone system into washdown or high moisture environments, it first had to ensure that all the parts incorporated into the system were able to withstand these conditions, which led them to Turck. “For our stainless steel zero pressure accumulation conveyor, we were looking for a high quality, compact, 24V power supply that would withstand frequent washdowns and exposure to moisture without requiring a separate water tight enclosure,” says Scott.

DCC chose to implement Turck’s IP67 rated power supply for its Aqua-Zone system. The Turck system supported all of DCC’s power requirements, along with providing appealing mounting possibilities due to its compact footprint. The power supply is mounted underneath the conveyor which provides a measure of protection from the water and spray, but is still able to be monitored by plant personnel when the conveyor systems are mounted overhead, as they often are in the food sector. “DCC has a quality and performance oriented mindset, which is why many of our clients seek us out in the first place. Turck’s innovative design fit our high standards for the equipment that is used on our systems,” adds Scott.

“If it weren’t for Turck, we’d have to use a NEMA 12, non-water proof power supply and mount it in an enclosure,” Scott continues. “Not only have we saved the cost of the enclosure, we don’t have to worry about leakage or not properly sealing the enclosure. Since Turck’s power supply is about one-third of the footprint of an enclosure, we were able to mount it in an area that is more convenient for the customer to access.”

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