Condition Monitoring Products

Follow these links to our product database and find the right product for your Condition Monitoring solution.

Condition Monitoring Sensors – for Temperature, Air Humidity and Vibration

User Benefit: Additional variables are recorded and analyzed allowing insights about the condition of a machine or plant. IO-Link facilitates system integration and information transfer

TBEN-PLC – Block I/Os with CODESYS 3 PLC

User benefits: Distributed intelligence with simple integration for control tasks directly on the machine or plant

TBEN – Multiprotocol Ethernet I/O solutions in IP67

User benefits: Easy integration into systems and diagnostic functions via integrated web servers also on smartphones

ARGEE – PLC functionality for multiprotocol I/O modules

User benefits: Programming of basic functions without any knowledge of a programming language made simple

TCG20 – Cloud Gateways with Wi-Fi and UMTS

User benefits: Simple integration into automation networks, secure communication with End-to-end encryption, pre-process data without additional software

Industrial Wireless Radios

User benefits: Use the DX80 wireless system for fast and safe transmission of process data from the field to higher level control systems

Wireless Sensors, Lighting & Indicators

User benefits: Connect Sensors and displays to the DX80 wireless system and transmit condition data across a proprietary network

IO-Link Products

User benefits: Fast device replacement, flexible and reliable application through comprehensive configuration and diagnostic options

TX – Programmable HMI

User benefits: Monitor sensor and machine data and control automation processes – with brilliant graphics and resistive touch.

IM(X)12-CCM – Condition monitoring for control cabinets

User benefits: Recognizes potential sources of error for preventive maintenance, thus avoiding unplanned shutdowns

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